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3/28/2018 11:34:23 AM

The holiday season of 2016 passed very quickly. In ABM Space (no longer Education), work
on the second edition of the ReMY contest, created together with ESERO, was underway (we
wrote more about the beginning of this competition here)

At the same time, with the design and construction of the new rover, we have been working on
a completely new interface and game mechanics. The robot was slightly enlarged (in the first
edition the electronics barely fit inside the body), and its upper body was modified so that it
would be easier to get inside. The suspension has also been improved, although teams tortured
it anyway, as much as they could :)

The interface has changed quite crucially. In the first edition, the three-dimensional
visualization of the rover was most exposed, and on its background there were: command line,
camera image, telemetry data and position, base camera preview and mini map. We decided to
end the dominance of the virtual view of the rover and reduced it to a fairly small window. This
was to increase the relevance of the camera preview - they were now much more useful.
Apart from major interface changes, we've also completely revised the positioning system. So
far, synchronization of the physical and virtual rover was conducted on demand, with new
localization algorithms and system architecture we could do it in real-time.
Another big change took place in the field of communication with teams. The main medium
continued to be in the form of e-mails, however, we created a mini-service, where teams could
find helpful materials, regulations of the competition, trial versions and also create the Flight
Plan (no more sending of Excel file) moreover, they could arrange the ride using schedule of
available time slots.

The very form of the competition has changed quite diametrically. Until now, it was enough to
find important objects on the map and upload a few photos. In this edition, a rather
comprehensive set of tips and information about Martian geological formations appearing on
the map during the game was created. Teams had to read the materials to know how to plan a
route and find as many objects as possible. In addition, the scoring has been modified.

Finding objects during the game gave a small number of points - a maximum of 21 per 100.
The remaining 79 points teams received for the report. It was necessary to specify the X and Y
coordinates of the object and answer a few questions (closed and open). The teams had 4 days
to write the reports, and each of them, after they were finally delivered, was assessed by ABM
Space. In this edition analytical skills were much more important - the questions checked the
ability to reason logically and read information from charts or other data carriers.

Workshops for teachers in this edition took place on October 22, 2016 at the Copernicus
Science Center. Final rides lasted from November 21 to December 6, and the Final Gala took
place on December 17, 2016, also at the Copernicus Science Center. In the Middle School
category, the Reymontowski Klub Odkrywców team (71/100) from Marcinowice won, while
in the High /Technical School category: Marsjanusze team (54/100) from Ostrołęka. It should
be noted that the results of the first and the second edition cannot be compared due to the
multitude of changes in the competition itself. Also in this edition, each participant received a
commemorative diploma of ABM Space, and for winners the stake was raised - we organized
thematic workshops related to ReMY. We talked about the rover and its construction, creating
an interface and a virtual environment and what is more, techniques of 3D printing were also

Before Christmas 2016, we also received information that the ReMY project was approved by
the National Center for Research and Development. December ended with two positive accents
- a successful competition and receiving of the funding :)
And at the beginning of 2017, we started preparations for the third edition ...

Maciej, ReMY Gameplay Developer